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    Welcome to ZL Ham.

    New Zealand's Premier Radio & Electronic Interest Group

    District Plan Update
    Posted by admin on Sunday, August 30 @ 15:09:13 NZST (621 reads)
    Topic Comment From the ZL Ham Editors Desk.
    zlham writes "
    I have updated my district plan resources. Feel free to poke your nose around. All RMA documents are in the public domain. Private documents released for information purposes. Some documents related to letters to Ministers, responses mostly, are missing as they have probably not been scanned. Other documents such as email may never be released unless requested. 

    Brief History. I attended the Tauranga EV court hearing as an observer in  the public gallery. I submitted to the Hamilton,  Waipa and Thames plans. I am trying to work with Hauraki but making little headway. As most know Hamilton accepted our position, Waipa had concerns which were addressed by Mike (Ex LGLO) and I at mediation. A consent order was signed a few weeks ago. I am waiting for the review committee at Thames to make a decision.

    Thames requires a special note. I approached Thames before they started drafting new proposed rules. They agreed their plan needed updating, we had talks, Thames wrote new rules and published them as a draft which I tentatively agreed with. Planners then removed all these rules, failed to notify me they had done so and ratified a different version with council.

    Thames is proposing rules banning antenna on beach front yards and is attempting to have the area listed as a IUCN Category V Protected Landscape. If Thames are allowed to get away with banning antenna on beach front yards others will follow. This will effectively stop antenna on beach front properties as antenna are generally not allowed on front yards. The poor conduct by planners has ramifications. I expect that a court hearing will be inevitable if attitudes do not change.

    If you have a council that does not conform to either Hamilton's plan for large cities or Waipa's plan for rural districts then ask to have the plan updated now and send their response to the Minister for the Environment.

    In all cases it is expected that councils will say to you wait until the next review or pay a large sum for a private update. I do not accept this stance by councils as councils can review a section of their plan at any times and a simple cost analysis says it is cheaper for councils to just do it now and stop making a fuss about it. The cost of the Tauranga for council was over $100k.

    The RMA is a complex document but some things are very plain. The Minister does have certain powers. The RMA has a mechanism to set policy (National Policy Statements). Squeaky wheels get oil.

    Any council that does not meet or exceed the rules that have been established are up for a hefty lawyers bill. It is up to us to ensure councils do not introduce any variances to the rules established in Hamilton and Waipa.

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    Citizens Band Microwave Spectrum And Free Internet For All
    Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 23 @ 08:13:33 NZST (227 reads)
    Topic Comment From the ZL Ham Editors Desk.
    The short version of the talk was the fact the FCC is extremely interested in opening up 100 to 200 MHz of spectrum at 3.5 GHz. The idea is to create something like cellular service that can either be implemented by companies, or normal, everyday people. The initial goal of this is to provide -possibly- free Internet to anyone with the right USB dongle. Since it’s just radio, and open to everyone, just about anything can be implemented.

    More... Thanks to Hackaday

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    New Raspberry Pi Model B+
    Posted by admin on Sunday, July 13 @ 11:22:20 NZST (15199 reads)
    Topic Comment From the ZL Ham Editors Desk.
    Images of the unreleased Raspberry Pi Model B+

    It appears it has 4 USB ports and uses a micro SD card amongst other changes such as form factor.

    I have been banned from the Freenode IRC Channel #RaspberryPI for breaking the news via social media and other means.

    To my knowledge I have never signed a non disclosure agreement with the Raspberry Pi Foundation or am I under any obligation to keep secret any information I may come across.from time to time.

    It is very poor behavior by Freenode IRC Operator UKScone banning me from the chat channel. 
    It smacks of Foundation control.

    Please protest loudly to the Foundation. @Raspberry_Pi unban rikkib #raspberrypi

    Links to images removed to conserve bandwidth.



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    Council RMA Submission Privacy
    Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 04 @ 09:28:14 NZDT (1634 reads)
    Topic Comment From the ZL Ham Editors Desk.
    As readers know I have been confronting Waikato councils in an attempt to force a change of attitude to the Amateur service. Two councils, Waipa and Hamilton, published my email address in submissions which was in turn indexed by the Google search engine. I noted an increase in spam from none previously to a regular influx that has now subsided a bit. After a quick search the reason became apparent.

    So I laid two complaints with the Privacy Commission. The complaint against Hamilton was not upheld and the complaint against Waipa was withdrawn. Both councils removed my email address from submissions upon request.

    Today I received the following from the Assistant Commissioner.

    I can advise that your complaint has raised general issues around the practice of regional councils publishing personal information from the submissions they receive. I believe this issue merits discussion with all regional councils and would like to advise that our Office will be conducting a completely separate inquiry into this practice. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

    I think this is a good outcome and hopefully will lead to the practice being stopped. I advise caution when providing email addresses in submissions to the point of ensuring a disclaimer is submitted forbidding publication.  

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    RSM Update
    Posted by admin on Monday, September 02 @ 09:23:40 NZST (1461 reads)
    Topic Comment From the ZL Ham Editors Desk.

    General User Radio Licence (GURL) for Amateur Radio Operators updated The Ministry has recently updated the GURL for Radio Amateur Operators, which specifies the terms, conditions and restrictions that amateur radio operators must comply with when operating their radio stations to reflect changes to visiting amateur callsign requirements.

    Radio Operator Certificate and Callsign Rules (PIB 46) updated The Radio operator Certificate and Callsign Rules Public Information Brochure (PIB 46) specifies the rules that Approved Radio Examiners (ARXs) must follow for the issuing of radio operator certificates and callsigns. The Ministry has recently revised PIB 46 to reflect changes to the rules for Amateur Temporary callsigns, Amateur reciprocal agreements with other countries and the review date for the current arrangements for maritime VHF-only callsign issue. PIB 46 - Issue 16 is now available on our website.

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    Woo betide ham radio.
    Posted by admin on Saturday, June 08 @ 16:53:54 NZST (1424 reads)
    Topic Comment From the ZL Ham Editors Desk.
    It is pretty sad when the only interesting thing to come out of conference is the same old still exists. Nothing like starting the term off with a couple of resignations. Falling on ones sword is becoming a way of life. I can not say I am sad to see one past his use by date councilor go. I firmly believe that his apparent objectives did not sit well with the not for profit nature of amateur radio. Perhaps NZART has litigation to look forward to.

    Councilors falling on their swords are not a new thing at NZART however Ted, ZL2TB set a record for the shortest stay on council. Ted sent me a copy of the letter sent to stake holders outlining his reasons. I can't say I blame him. I have done the same after similar personal attacks.

    Conference highlights of 300 members have not renewed their membership and the web site is a mess, do not bode well for the future of NZART. I tried to help NZART with their technology needs however like Ted I was attacked from within. I have better things to do than be attacked by people I am trying to help. So I remain a non member.

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    UHF Radiomicrophones consultation
    Posted by admin on Saturday, June 08 @ 09:17:48 NZST (990 reads)
    Topic Comment From the ZL Ham Editors Desk.
    From RSM Business Update.

    The Ministry is now inviting submissions on the recently released discussion document “UHF Radiomicrophones:  Opportunities for future use”.  This discussion document presents future options for radiomicrophones using the 518 – 806 MHz UHF frequency range.  This follows the Government’s recent announcement that it plans to auction the ‘digital dividend’ radio spectrum in the 700 MHz band later this year.

    Details on how to make a submission are available on the RSM website.

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    RSM Update
    Posted by admin on Monday, May 06 @ 09:37:36 NZST (947 reads)
    Topic Comment From the ZL Ham Editors Desk.

    The May issue of the RSM news letter is out. Topics covered include.

    • Client Survey - we want you to tell us about our services!
    • Receive an invoice with your annual licence renewal email
    • Radio Operator Certificate and Callsign Rules (PIB 46) updated
    • International Mobile Satellite Organization news release
    • Interference from old television signal amplifiers
    ZL Hams are encouraged to read PIB 46.

    You can read the latest news on the RSM Web site.

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    Antenna height across the ditch.
    Posted by admin on Tuesday, April 30 @ 09:42:09 NZST (1290 reads)
    Topic Comment From the ZL Ham Editors Desk.
    It looks like NSW will have state wide standards for Amateur radio configurations subject to national standards Australian Standard AS 1170 and footings to comply with Australian Standard AS 3600. The main issue that stands out is the height, ten meters. This is half what has been achieved here in ZL in some instances. Most certainly many NZ councils allow more than 10 meters. My own council allows 20 meters with specific conditions.

    WIA Article Here. That antenna looks a bit higher than 10m.

    ZL Ham's note the tactics used in NSW with letter writing campaigns waged to good effect. NZART has used the same tactic when faced with the repeater lease issue. Recently I had the chance to talk to the Minister, Amy Adams. I have yet to write to Amy after an assurance that my concerns will not fall on deaf ears like the last time my concerns were aired via the PM's office. Long story short. I wrote to the PM John Key about the issue. Mr Key' office passed my concerns to Amy Adams office. When I confronted Amy about the issue she knew nothing of my  letter.

    I have also made a brief submission to the RMA reform process and I understand the NZART LGLO Mike Newman has made a submission. I am also aware of another Ham who may have made a submission. I have a copy of Mike's submission. It is very well written.

    The RMA reforms offer a long term solution to the challenge we face with some councils. In the short term councils need to heed the warnings. Although we have suffered a set back in Wellington, as I understand it, the appeal in Wellington was not successful, smaller councils are less able to resist and others seeing reason and rewriting rules in line with the Tauranga court ruling.

    At the RMA reform public meeting in Hamilton attended by the Minister and virtually every council officer of note in the region I summarized the current situation and costs. I clearly stated what needs to happen, national standards set by RSM after a consultative process with stake holders.

    So I have a letter to write to the Minister. If you have anything to offer please free to comment  or send me an email.

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    ZL1AAO/E51AAO DX Holiday
    Posted by admin on Monday, April 29 @ 08:44:52 NZST (1273 reads)
    Topic Comment From the ZL Ham Editors Desk.
    Bruce, ZL1AAO, will be on Holiday in Rarotonga from the 3rd to 14th of May 2013. Look for Bruce on 14.183MHz in between his holiday activities.

    This from Bruce.

    I will be promoting my activity through DX groups and local radio clubs/groups. I will be on the island for 14 days from May 3rd until May 17th 2013. The property I am staying at is located on the south west of the island, not far from the Rarotongan beach Resort. As it will be our second visit to Rarotonga I am looking forward to catching up with the local amateurs and exploring the usual tourist activities wife my partner and some friends. I will try to spend some time on the radio each day. Only wire antennas and my FT857D with LDG tuner this trip. I will be on SSB only.

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